Danial and Brandi Creasy

Danial has a passion for serving Christ. He has chosen to dedicate his life to serving Christ by serving others. Danial and Brandi serve in many capacities at New London Church and have a passion for reaching the lost. Danial is a wonderful addition to the leadership team. 


How long with New London Church:

3 years

Salvation Experience:

I was on the phone with my wife in the middle of a field.

Wife and Years Married

Brandi Creasy 18 years I think? LOL

How you met?

High school friends

Family and Ages:

Faith 12 years old, Elaina Creasy 8 years old

Best Advice ever received:

Scripture is not just words in a book, it’s the actions put into words. Take them serious

I laughed the hardest:

At myself…….enough said


I like to work with metal making different things.
I love to watch baseball or basketball

Impactful scripture or Life Verse:

Matthew 25: 14-30 The parable of the talents changed my life.

One of Greatest Experiences with God:

When I’m reading scripture and the light headed tingling feeling you get when you are experiencing the spirit revealing it to you as if it was the first time you’ve read it.

Dream Occupation (outside of church):

Christian Music Artist