King of Kings, Church began as a modest group of like-minded believers in March 1992.  The name King of Kings while biblically inspired is also inspired by events in the life of our founding Pastor John Robinson.  He and his wife Sharon once lived in Memphis, Tennessee, also home to Graceland, the 14 acre estate of Elvis Presley.  While driving by the mansion one day, witnessing scores of people standing outside just waiting for a chance to see the “dead King of Rock and Roll”, Pastor John prayed, “Lord if ever you grant that I may plant a church I know just what to call it – for I worship the living, King of Kings!”

The church began meeting in an old storefront on Timberlake Road, but within a year it became necessary to find a new venue.  It was at this time Pastor John found our current building vacant and in need of modest repairs.  With lease signed, that earnest group of dedicated followers set the course we are on today.

In 2000, Pastor John was called to the Southern Methodist denomination for a church revitalization project.  Not wanting to leave the current congregation unattended he delayed his departure until a suitable candidate could be found.  Within months, the search was over.  Pastor William Steele, recently retired from another Free Will Baptist church in Bedford, VA answered the call.  No one with less experience could fill such an important role.  Reverend Steele had planted 3 congregations of his own.  He frequently provided seed money and godly counsel to many more.  In fact, King of Kings was one of those beneficiaries long before his tenure.

Reverend Steele ushered the church into a new era.  He brought with him a bright hope and a new force of willing laborers for the Kingdom of God.  While small in number the congregation was more dedicated than ever to live committed to the cause.  They made many improvements and the church saw some of its best services under the watchful, enthusiastic leadership of an experienced “hell fire and brimstone” preacher.  He often carried a Bible in one hand and a handkerchief in another to wipe the sweet from his brow while delivering the Word.

In early 2008, after a long struggle with failing health Reverend Steele passed away, entering into his eternal glory.  His family, friends, and faithful followers carried on the mission of King of Kings.  In the summer of that year, Pastor Brandon Baber preached the first of what would be a long line of sermons as Interim Pastor.  Finally, after two years of growth, both personal and congregational, he accepted the call of fulltime ministry from that welcoming body of faithful saints.

Since 2008, God has transformed this little church into a beacon of light for the New London community.  We have witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years and have seen firsthand the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit in transforming lives.  We purchased our building and 5.5 additional acres in 2015, after years of negotiations.  We began a successful food program with New London Academy to meet the food insecurity needs of the most underserved students and families around us.  

And, in 2022, we moved into our brand new building, a 8000sq ft worship facility, including a sanctuary, offices, and classroom space, to accommodate our growth while expanding our outreach to those in need of the life saving message of Jesus Christ.  May all be said and done for the Glory of God! 

We look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday!